Fully Restore/Stain New Wood Surfaces

Tired of your wood siding turning grey or black! American Wood Care has the solution. Guaranteed… Call for details.

  • Cleaning the Surface

    Step 1 is cleaning the surface of the wood. We use environmentally safe and biodegradable products to ensure the wood service is clear of debris so we can see and address all damages before beginning the staining or restoration process.

  • Repairing the Damage

    Step 2 is repairing the damage because before we can decide what color stain we’d like to use on the wood, we watch to remove any blemishes, scratches, divots, or holes. Attempting to stain the wood before repairing the damaged areas will take away from the finished look.

  • Choosing the color

    Step 3 is choosing the color because once we have the wood looking fresh and without blemish, we want to choose a color stain that will bring out the vitality of the wood. Just like every type of bark looks different, so does the wood in your home. Choosing a color that both brings out the vitality of the wood and complements the other colors in the room is important.

  • Applying the stain

    Step 4 is applying the stain. Carefully making sure that the stain is applied evenly is the most important part of the finished look. Our professional team makes every restoration look immaculate.