Wood Restoration Services

Wood Project 2


We are a full service restoration company: Including power washing, stripping, and staining exterior wood with 25 years of experience!

We specialize in removing pre existing stains and bringing back the natural beauty of wood.

The product used to remove pre-existing stains are environmentally safe and biodegradable.


Tired of your wood decking turning grey or black! American Wood Care has the solution. Guaranteed… Call for details.

Wood Staining


If need pressure wash/strip natural wood surfaces to remove surface degradation and previous products. Apply saturation coat of Boodge Oil to prepare its surfaces. Sanding may be needed for some restoration projects. Older weathered decking demand proper preparation this usually involves pressure washing all wood surfaces before applying a stain. Some projects have had certain products previously applied and they must be removed for a full restoration and to prevent any further damage to the wood. Stain colors ranging from natural cedar or dark cedar.

We use professional wood care products with a large range of colors. These colors come in transparent and semi-transparent.